Why kiwEV
Experience the Power of Kiwev Chargers for Your Business!
Unlock a world of benefits by integrating Kiwev Chargers into your business. Embrace the future of electric mobility and elevate your establishment to new heigh.
What we do
End To End Charging As A Service
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We choose cutting-edge hardware from top manufacturers and integrate it seamlessly into our state-of-the-art software platform. Whether it is a straightforward vehicle-to-grid setup or an advanced inductive system, we consistently stay ahead of the curve, delivering the most up-to-date and future-proof solutions.
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Through our partnership with the installation collaborator, we possess the capability to carry out installations throughout New Zealand and Canada. Our versatile team manages every step of the process, from electrical design to car park painting.
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Monitoring, Management & Monetization
Our support team oversees and administers all electric vehicle chargers at your location. You have the flexibility to select the tariffs for charging your customers, and we provide you with comprehensive data and reports that you can easily download and analyze.
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Driver Management
Whether it is your staff, tenants, or the general public, our access systems can be customized for individual stations or drivers. It is all under your control.
Why Choose kiwEV?
Drive More Customers to Your Business:
Installing Kiwev Chargers attracts electric vehicle (EV) drivers, providing them with a convenient charging solution while they shop or dine. Increase foot traffic and boost sales by catering to the growing community of environmentally conscious consumers.
Generate Additional Income Streams:
Transform your charging stations into revenue-generating assets. By offering charging services, you tap into a lucrative market, creating an additional stream of income for your business. Benefit from the increasing demand for EV charging solutions and boost your bottom line.
Amplify Your Marketing Impact:
Being a part of the Kiwev network not only enhances your eco-friendly image but also provides additional marketing opportunities. Leverage the growing interest in sustainable practices and position your business as a forward-thinking, environmentally responsible choice.
Join the Kiwev Network:
By partnering with Kiwev, you join a network of like-minded businesses committed to supporting electric mobility. Your business name will be prominently featured on our network, increasing visibility and establishing your presence in the EV community.
Our Driving Forces
Plug in for a better future
  • Our Vision
KiwEV is motivated by a vision to enable a future that is sustainable for everyone.
  • Our Mission
Our Mission is to create a convenient, reliable and affordable EV charging network across world.
  • Our Achivements
KiwEV offers EV charging solutions to clients in both New Zealand and Canada. We have successfully installed over 100 chargers across these regions.